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Vancouver Island, British Columbia Villas

Vancouver Island is a large Island in British Columbia 460 kilometres in length and 80 kilometres in width at its widest point with a variety of villas on offer.

Vancouver Island is also home of Victoria, the B.C. capital city and has lush old-growth rainforests where the trees form a cool canopy over hiking trails, sparkling beaches that stretch for miles, majestic mountains with glittering glaciers and snow-capped peaks, crystal clear rivers teeming with fish, sun dappled lakes surrounded by parkland, alpine meadows filled with wild flowers, rolling vistas of farmland and vineyards, its one inspiring view after another.

Vancouver Island is situated less than 20 minutes by air from Vancouver and Seattle and Victoria, B.C.'s capital, is here. Nestled along the West Coast, it is a paradise of pristine coastlines and emerald forests. It is also internationally renowned for warm hospitality, gorgeous scenery and exceptional activities and attractions.