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Sanibel Island, Florida Villas

Sanibel Island and it's many quality villas are located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, just offshore of Fort Myers. The Island is approximately 12 miles long and 4 miles wide. Sanibel Island is renowned for its beautiful beaches, perfect for weddings, honeymoons and relaxing holidays and is also famous for its sunsets, lighthouse and luxurious resorts. One of the most popular activities here is shelling, you can barely walk a few steps without stopping to do the so-called `Sanibel Stoop` to search for shells. But there is so much more here, from delicious restaurants serving some of the best seafood, golf, tennis, fishing, boating, shopping, bike paths, canoeing and wildlife refuges to name but a few. Sanibel Island is famous for its unique position. The Island lies East and West, unlike most Islands which lie North and South. This is how Sanibel Island manages to catch so many sea shells along its Gulf coast shores.